In the Human vs Uber vs Lyft debate, there are many different factors to consider before picking one rideshare service. But which one is best? We will break down the pros and cons of each and help you determine which is best for you. Categories Human Uber Lyft Driver safety Earnings Trip preview Multiple payouts […]
TELL US WHAT YOU THINK We are always looking for ways to improve the experience for HUMAN drivers. Your feedback is incredibly important in helping us understand what we could do better. Please take a moment to answer this very short four question survey and tell us how we are doing. CLICK TO TAKE A […]
Thank you for all you do to share your Invite Code which is a simple way to earn more. You can customize your Invite Code to fit your needs more precisely in order to earn a lot more easier! Open HUMAN Driver app to navigate to Invites view where you can find and customize your […]
Today is your first day of never waking up to a bad day!You can now set your own rates per mile, minute, base!Not a bait and switch but a TRUE RIDESHARE as per books! Think it is impossible since robocars took over jobs, places, humans, everyone and everything? Wrong! We have it and you got […]