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Today is your first day of never waking up to a bad day!
You can now set your own rates per mile, minute, base!
Not a bait and switch but a TRUE RIDESHARE as per books!

Think it is impossible since robocars took over jobs, places, humans, everyone and everything?

Wrong! We have it and you got it!!

Every HUMAN driver learns fast that earning extra money is no brainer as long as you can set your own rates at any time and any vehicle.

Every HUMAN driver is committed to safety, knowing that a favorite rider can be a healthy choice every time. The more riders you faved the more you earn, and likewise the more riders faved you the more you earn as well. So being truly friendly is the number one priority to enjoy more cash flow to your pocket. Every favorite rider who prefers you over other drivers, is your friend, therefore never ever forget that, regardless how upsetting previous trips would have been.

Bottom line is that we (the humans, not robocars) truly love you and appreciate every minute of your time with us.

NOTA BENE: We are looking for HUMAN advocates and champions in your area and will provide a competitive payout!

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