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In the Human vs Uber vs Lyft debate, there are many different factors to consider before picking one rideshare service. But which one is best? We will break down the pros and cons of each and help you determine which is best for you.

Categories Human Uber Lyft
Driver safety
Trip preview
Multiple payouts
Multiple vehicles
Refer other drivers
Complete in-app help
Tech support
Ask us anything
Set your own rates per mile1
Set your own rates per minute1
Set your own rates per base1
Make $500 or up in a day2
No reputation score
Fave, unfave, or block riders
Verified rider photo
Verified rider identity
Longer accept time
Easier interface
Every city supported
No autobot help
Cars from 1992 or up1
Every make and model2
Drivers choose riders
No time limit on driving
Smallest take of each fare
Free of robocars

Our Verdict:

Like the categories above, we have to give all services a point.

  • Human = 27
  • Uber = 8
  • Lyft = 8

Your Choice:

When it comes to choosing a rideshare service, it is often hard to tell the difference among Human, Uber, Lyft. They are so competitive that if one app introduces a new feature, it will not be long for the other to catch up and implement that same feature as well.

Pricing is comparable, as is driver pay, and the apps work much the same way. When it comes to the Human vs. Uber vs. Lyft debate, it really comes down to personal preference.

16 Responses

  1. Generally speaking – it is always dangerous to talk to or even worse pick up strangers – that is why parents tell their children to never talk to any one who they do not know – BUT can the danger be avoided? totally as long as you know the person you talk to or pick up – how would you know a stranger before talking to or picking up? sounds oxymoronic, right? yes, but what if you learn more about the stranger long before accepting his/her trip. Is it even possible? Yes, but not with Lyft or Uber or practically every other app. The only rideshare app that lets you know more of the rider that requests your trip is HUMAN Rides (HAP: Human App Platform) on google play store. The cool part is that if you decline trips from riders that may give you shivers even before accepting their trips then you will not be punished for declining. You can even block riders before hand so you wont see nor hear from them ever again. Kind of simple way to improve your workflow removing unnecessary hustle that can lead to who knows what. In other words, better be safe now than sorry later.

  2. Just tap on main menu, then choose vehicles tab, then choose add vehicle tab, answer every question there, add photos of your car, insurance, inspection, then save it tapping on checkmark at the top of screen – awe! be sure no photos of expired insurance and inspection – HTH!

  3. Will there be a problem if I enter someone else’s name on the payout for Human or Lyft? This would be the weekly direct deposit every Tuesday.

  4. hmm – technically there is no problem as long as you include all the tax, address, name, bank details correctly – once that is recorded by human or lyft and sent to stripe for payouts to be processed on the weekly basis – the money is gone to that bank account –

  5. Funny but we just had the same thing happened to one of human drivers – turned out the emails he was successfully receiving from us ended in the spam folder – he simply kept his eye on the inbox while clicking on the refresh button – never came across that the email was already delivered but into the spam folder due to the fact his email provider policy about every first time emails always go to spam – but once he clicked on spam folder and found our email he clicked on NOT A SPAM option inside the email – and MAGICALLY BOOM! all our emails started showing up in his inbox only and no where else – HTH!

  6. It is absolutely nothing hard to implement a meter (a first grader (a good one) in a college can do it these days) – but adding a meter to already predefined price range (remember that it is not a flat trip price but rather a price range in Uber, Lyft and Human) – is oxymoron and not a part in rideshare biz (yes in taxi but not rideshare) – moreover even a taxi uses a meter when there was no flat fee set before hand – when a taxi driver gives a flat price per request from rider then he virtually needs no meter any longer – yes he will turn the meter on when a trip started but that is only for the looks and for a checkout as he already collected a flat fee amount from his rider – again this happens only when a rider asks for a flat fee – more and more riders prefer to pay flat fee upfront than run up a meter total which can easily be higher at the end then a pay at the start as a flat fee – Is this legal? Yes. Is this good for a rider? Yes. Is this good for driver? Yes – cause his fee is secured and the trip is covered for less but not empty handed as some areas that taxi drive, can easily leave taxi drivers hanging dry – so to sum up on why uber, lyft and human provide upfront pricing and run no meters, that is due to the fact they are not taxi (they are TNC not TLC) and they already have all prices upfront and charged (at least pre-authorized) – HTH!

  7. See other apps than Lyft/Uber will let you compensate any loss in time-money and gas-money by allowing you as a driver to set your own prices at any time before you press the GO ONLINE button – so you can balance out any loss on few other rides – for example when you drive on HUMAN App Platform you simply raise a bit your rates for miles/minutes/base – and you get your time and gas worth at the end of a day – but L/U fix their prices and you dont really have anything left but continue driving until you arrive then wait 5 minutes call your pax just to hang up and cancel the ride – boom! you got your cancelation fee delivered to you – this is totally unnecessary and dangerous as you may end up in some pickled situation such as rider shows up just to teach you his own mike tyson tricks – in other words use HUMAN App Platform as the best alternative especially when it’s freely available to you – yes, it needs more to be aware of but who said Rome was built in a day 🙂

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